Deer Isle Yacht Club

Sylvester Cove, Sunset, Maine

The Deer Isle Yacht Club is a small local yacht club in Sylvester’s Cove, Sunset, Maine. The Club was founded in 1925 with the purpose of providing facilities and activities for its members in their use of Penobscot Bay and adjacent waters; encouraging amateur yachting, both recreational and competitive; promoting sound seamanship; and fostering knowledge of and respect for the dangers of the sea.

Facilities are  minimal as the club has no potable water, no fuel dock, no showers, and little parking.  Sailing lessons for members are occasionally offered, but Membership is necessarily limited by the size of the Cove; more information can be found at the Membership section of this website. 

Club News

Additional Boats Needed for Sailing Program

At the January 2024 Board of Governors meeting the Sailing Instruction Committee sought and received approval to pursue adding a dedicated instructor boat as well as up to three Optimist sailing dinghies for the coming season and beyond. The instructor boat (a 14' whaler with a 40 hp engine or similar) will be fitted with safety equipment enabling it to fully meet US Sailing standards and can also be used for various race committee or other purposes. The additional Optis (~$2K used in good condition) will support higher numbers in our classes as well as the higher numbers of returning students able to sail single-handed.

Members wishing to sell, lease, donate, or help locate/procure either a 14' whaler with 40 hp motor (or similar craft), or one or more Optimist sailing dinghies, or contribute to funding the purchase of such boats to lighten the burden on club funds, can check their e-mail for further information. Seaworthy boats in good condition only, please, as reliability is imperative for the delivery of safe, enjoyable lessons. Members interested in having substantial donations acknowledged e.g. with naming rights may be accommodated.

Upcoming Club Events