Deer Isle Yacht Club

Sylvester Cove, Sunset, Maine

The Deer Isle Yacht Club is a small local yacht club in Sylvester’s Cove, Sunset, Maine. The Club was founded in 1925 with the purpose of providing facilities and activities for its members in their use of Penobscot Bay and adjacent waters; encouraging amateur yachting, both recreational and competitive; promoting sound seamanship; and fostering knowledge of and respect for the dangers of the sea.

Facilities are  minimal as the club has no potable water, no fuel dock, no showers, and little parking.  Sailing lessons for members are occasionally offered, but Membership is necessarily limited by the size of the Cove; more information can be found at the Membership section of this website. 

Guest Mooring

The Deer Isle Yacht Club maintains two (2) guest moorings for the use of guests of members.  One is suitable for yachts up to 35 feet L.O.A., the other is suitable for yachts to 65 feet L.O.A. 

Please note the following:

  • Guests or host-members shall contact the Harbor Committee when using the guest moorings, so it is known who to contact, if necessary.
  • Use of the moorings is on a first-come, first-served basis and may not be reserved in any manner.
  • The maximum stay shall be for three (3) nights. 
  • No charge shall be made for the use of the moorings.
  • Members should not use the moorings except in an emergency.
  • A Tenant / Charterer Membership does not confer any right to use the guest moorings.
  • The Club does not guarantee the adequacy or safety of the moorings and assumes no responsibility by allowing the use of the moorings.

The Harbor Committee should be contacted if there are any questions or concerns about the use of the guest moorings at

 Deer Isle Yacht Club Scholarship Fund

The Deer Isle Yacht Club congratulates Elliott Burrin on receiving the 2023 DIYC Scholarship!

Elliott will be attending Bluewater Yachting in Ft. Lauderdale, FL to train in disciplines related to becoming a member of a professional yacht crew.

The Deer Isle Yacht Club Scholarship Fund is an endowed scholarship fund with the goal of assisting seniors graduating  from the DISHS with their continuing education.

Tenant Charterer Rules

Approved May 18, 2021


The Board of Governors has voted to establish a tenant-charterer fee for non-members who rent a house or charter a boat from a member of the club and who use the club facilities and participate in the Club activities in the manner of a member.  The fee is equal to the annual dues for members.  Current fee is $345 or $495 if the Tenant is using a mooring.

The tenant-charterer must be sponsored by the host-member who shall be responsible for the payment of the fee.  The fee shall be an amount equal to the dues of the host-member.  A host-member shall be liable for one tenant-charterer fee per tenant-charterer, and they may collect the fee from their tenant or charterer.

 The host-member shall be responsible for notifying the Treasurer, the Harbor Committee, and the Membership Committee Chair of tenant-charterer arrangements.

The host-member must coordinate the use of a mooring by a tenant-charterer with the Harbor Committee.

The host-member shall be responsible for acquainting the tenant or charterer with the Club Rules, and for the conduct of the sponsored tenant-charterer.

The Board of Governors shall interpret this rule or any questions which may arise from it and shall have the power to revoke the privileges of the tenant-charterer for any reason deemed sufficient.

Dinghy space for a tenant-charterer will be allowed only if space is available.

Tenant/Charterer status is limited to two (2) years, after which it is expected the member would propose their tenant or charter for full membership.

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