Deer Isle Yacht Club

Sylvester Cove, Sunset, Maine

Float mooring space is for dinghies, rowboats, and kayaks only.

•    No boats over 12 f17eet L.O.A.

•    No boats with masts stepped.

•    No boats with engines over 15 HP.  Outboard engines must be kept in the down position to reduce potential damage to other boats.

•    Boats not maintained in shipshape condition may be removed to parking lot at owner’s risk.

•    Boats shall have fenders to prevent damage to others.

•    Identification Numbers assigned by the club shall be displayed inside the boat transom.  Boats without club assigned numbers may be removed to parking lot at owner’s risk.

There are club-owned rowboats for members’ use to get back and forth to a mooring.  So that they are available for others to use, club owned boats should not be left on a mooring.

"Borrowing" dinghies, oars, pumps, bailers, etc. without permission is not permitted.

Tanks, boat gear, fishing gear, etc. shall not be left on the floats or walkway.

Fishing or cleaning fish on the floats or walkway is not permitted.