Deer Isle Yacht Club

Sylvester Cove, Sunset, Maine

Deer Isle Yacht Club Membership

The Deer Isle Yacht Club is a small, local club located at Sylvester’s Cove on East Penobscot Bay.  Members have community ties to Deer Isle and the surrounding islands and support the club’s operation and activities.

The Club’s mission statement is as follows:

The purposes of the Deer Isle Yacht Club shall be:

  • To provide facilities and sponsor activities for the convenience and pleasure of its members in their lawful and proper use of Penobscot Bay and adjacent waters.
  • To encourage amateur yachting, both recreational and competitive.
  • To foster knowledge of and respect for the dangers of the sea, and to promote sound seamanship.
  • To maintain the current tradition of providing a portal to Penobscot Bay and its outer islands
  • To prioritize preservation of resources and the environment in the management of Club facilities.

Deer Isle Yacht Club Membership Committee Procedures

 Amended January 2022

II.                 Admission of new members

The Membership Committee will consider the following when reviewing an application for membership:

o   Applicant's interest in boating and the club, regardless of whether a mooring is available

o   Anticipated participation, potential leadership and willingness to serve

o   Demand placed on club facilities, e.g. mooring in cove or off island, dingy at float

 The Chairman of the Membership Committee will maintain a list of people being proposed for membership in chronological order.

III.              Admissions Procedures

A.     All candidates shall be sponsored in writing by a member and shall be seconded in writing by at least one other member who is not an immediate member of the sponsor’s family. 
B.      Sponsors and seconders must be  members in good standing for at least five and three years, respectively, in order to propose a candidate. 
C.      Sponsors and seconders are restricted to proposing members once every five years.
D.     Sponsors must supply at least three names of members to whom the candidate has been introduced. If necessary, this introduction can be accomplished by “meet and greets” hosted by the sponsor either in person or via zoom with the help and support of the Membership Committee.

Upcoming Club Events