Deer Isle Yacht Club

Sylvester Cove, Sunset, Maine

Tenant Charterer Rules

Approved May 18, 2021


The Board of Governors has voted to establish a tenant-charterer fee for non-members who rent a house or charter a boat from a member of the club and who use the club facilities and participate in the Club activities in the manner of a member.  The fee is equal to the annual dues for members.  Current fee is $345 or $495 if the Tenant is using a mooring.

The tenant-charterer must be sponsored by the host-member who shall be responsible for the payment of the fee.  The fee shall be an amount equal to the dues of the host-member.  A host-member shall be liable for one tenant-charterer fee per tenant-charterer, and they may collect the fee from their tenant or charterer.

 The host-member shall be responsible for notifying the Treasurer, the Harbor Committee, and the Membership Committee Chair of tenant-charterer arrangements.

The host-member must coordinate the use of a mooring by a tenant-charterer with the Harbor Committee.

The host-member shall be responsible for acquainting the tenant or charterer with the Club Rules, and for the conduct of the sponsored tenant-charterer.

The Board of Governors shall interpret this rule or any questions which may arise from it and shall have the power to revoke the privileges of the tenant-charterer for any reason deemed sufficient.

Dinghy space for a tenant-charterer will be allowed only if space is available.

Tenant/Charterer status is limited to two (2) years, after which it is expected the member would propose their tenant or charter for full membership.

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